Speaking at a Planning Commission Meeting

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Speakers from the General Public

Blue speaker cards are available throughout the Council Chambers. Upon arriving at the meeting, people wishing to voice their opinion and address the Commission need to complete the information on the speaker card.

When the Chairman opens an agenda item, he will ask if there is anyone wishing to speak on the item. When he recognizes the speaker, the individual should approach the podium at the front of the Council Chambers. If the speaker hasn't already done so, give the blue speaker card to the Deputy City Clerk seated to the left of the podium. The individual should state their name and zip code for the public record and state whether they are in favor or against the item. All speakers should talk directly into the microphone since the testimony will be part of the public record. All testimony must be addressed to the Chairman and not the applicant or the applicant's representative(s).

Individuals are given three minutes to present their testimony. In order to save time and minimize repetitive testimony, groups are encouraged to designate one person to speak on their behalf. This spokesperson is allowed ten minutes to present their testimony on behalf of the group. A timer is located at the podium. When the speaker begins, the timer displays a green light and starts counting down the time remaining. With one minute remaining, the light will change to yellow. When time expires, a blinking red light will display. At this time the Chairman will ask the speaker to conclude their comments.

The City Council Chambers is equipped with state-of-the-art presentation equipment that can be used to show videos, PowerPoint presentations, maps, and photographs. If you plan to use any of the available equipment, please contact the Community Development Department at 702-267-1500 by 2pm the day before the meeting.

When you are finished with your presentation, have a seat in the audience. Once the public hearing is closed, there will not be any more comments from the audience. The Chairman will ask the applicant to approach the podium, where he/she will be given the opportunity to respond to citizens' questions and/or concerns. The applicant will also answer any questions and/or concerns from the Planning Commission. The Chairman will then ask for a motion and a vote will follow.