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2021 Annual Response Report

Hazard Mitigation Plan for Clark County includes Henderson.

Disaster Preparedness presentation will help you get ready for an emergency.

Safe and Sane Fireworks are only legal for use during the week of June 28 to July 4.

Pool and Spa Safety Tips to help keep your kids safe this summer.

Henderson Fire badge

The Henderson Fire Department (HFD) is an outstanding organization which continues to be an innovative leader within the American fire service.  HFD has created a culture of excellence through an intentional focus on meeting and exceeding industry best practices.  This is reflected in the fact that HFD is a multi-accredited, ISO Class 1 fire department.  Our primary motivation for excellence is centered around our foundational philosophy of why we exist.  We know that we exist for one simple reason – because ‘People Matter.’ The magnitude of our responsibilities pushes us to constantly seek operational improvement that will produce positive outcomes for the people we serve.

HFD is a full service “all hazards” emergency response organization which provides safe and effective management of fire suppression, emergency medical services and patient transport, technical rescue, hazardous materials response, and search and rescue services for our city’s recreational trail systems. 

While the Henderson Fire Department’s primary role is to protect the lives and property of the citizens it serves, the department seeks to go beyond this call of duty and provide prevention education and active intervention that positively impacts the health and safety of Henderson residents. Henderson Fire endeavors to maintain an outstanding reputation for excellent service delivery and to be a community fire department that our citizens know and trust.


To be America’s Premier Fire Department.


To provide exceptional public services because people matter.

  • Why do we exist? Because People Matter
  • How do we behave? With Compassion, Integrity and Respect
  • What do we do? We prepare for, respond to, and mitigate all calls for service.
  • How will we be successful? Because our actions must always be safe and effective, our strategy is based on four foundational principles: Standardization, Consistency, Coordination & Accountability

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