Application Fee Schedule

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Application Fee
Address Number Change $400 +notification fee* (per address)
Administrative Adjustment $156
Boundary Line Adjustment $332
Comprehensive Plan Amendment $702 +notification fee*
Conditional Use Permit $520 +notification fee*
Design Review $260
Development Agreements **NEW** $2,000 + acreage fee (see below)**
Distance Separation Analysis $60
Early Addressing $236 + $1 per lot (includes 1st lot)
Extension of Time $260 +notification fee* (per project file)
Final Map $500 + $3 per lot (includes 1st lot)
Home Occupation Permit $30
Master Sign Plan $260
Master Transportation Plan Amendment $572 +notification fee*
Medical Marijuana Distance Separation Analysis $180
Medical Marijuana Estab. Conditional Use Permit $10,000 + notification fee*
Medical Marijuana Estab. Extension of Time $5,000 + notification fee*
*Notification Fee $300 + $1 for each notice beyond 1000 notices
Parcel Map $661
Reversionary Map $366
Slope Analysis Map $60
Street Name Change $416 +notification fee* (per street)
Temporary Sales/Promotional Sign Permit $75
Temporary Use Permit $104
Tentative Map $661
Vacation $529
Variance $390 +notification fee*
Zone Change $702 +notification fee*
Zone Change/PUD or other overlays $702 +notification fee*
Zoning Verification Letter $100

Revised 06/2010
*If multiple applications requiring notification are submitted for one project, only one notification fee will be assessed. Each application fee includes a 4% surcharge for technology and records management fee.

Revised 05/2011
**Development Agreement Fee Schedule:
$2,000.00 + $57.00 per acre (0-100 acres); $45.00 per acre (101-600 acres); $38.00 per acre (601-1000 acres); $26.00 per acre (1001-2000 acres); $15.00 per acre (2001+ acres); + $300 notification*.
In addition to the above referenced fees, the City may through adoption of the development agreement, require the applicant to pay additional costs incurred by the City, in the review and preparation of the development agreement. Major modifications to a development agreement shall be the same as the original fee: minor modifications to the development agreement shall be set in the approved development agreement.

Revised 10/2014 - Effective 11/1/2014
Fees for AAA, CPA, CUP, DRA, DSA, EOT, HOP, MSP, MSH, SLP, TMA, VAC, VAA, ZCO, ZVL have been amended per Ord. 3227.