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Hazard Mitigation - Plan for Clark County includes Henderson

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The Office of Emergency Management is responsible for administering an all-hazard mitigation, preparedness, protection, prevention, response and recovery program for the purpose of reducing the loss of life and property and for the protection of citizens and industry in the event of any major emergency or disaster affecting the City of Henderson. More specifically, emergency management is responsible for:

  • Developing, revising and exercising Henderson's emergency plan and related plans in coordination with other city departments and allied agencies.
  • Managing the city's emergency operations center (EOC) to provide a coordinated response to disasters and other emergencies.
  • Planning, conducting and coordinating disaster preparedness exercises for city personnel and allied agencies.
  • Developing and maintaining mutual aid agreements with other municipalities and other governmental entities in the state.
  • Serving as the city's liaison to other agencies relative to emergency preparedness matters, including the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), Nevada Division of Emergency Management and the countywide multi-jurisdictional local emergency planning committee.

The Emergency Management Coordinator (EMC) is responsible for coordinating all the components of the emergency management system in the City of Henderson. The EMC position is appointed by the City Manager and is subject to the direction and control of the Fire Chief. The EMC performs and exercises other such functions as are necessary to promote and secure public safety and protection within the territorial limits of the City of Henderson.