Lead Copper

Lead & Copper Sampling Program

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The City of Henderson is committed to providing vital water and wastewater services to our residents while protecting the environment, health and prosperity of our community. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requires the City of Henderson to test for lead and copper levels in our water. Since lead and copper in water is primarily attributed to the corrosive action of water in home plumbing, water samples for testing must be taken from the faucets of residential water customers. Only homes built prior to 1988, when use of lead solder was banned from residential construction, are eligible as sampling sites.

Participate in the Sampling Program

The following are the established criteria a residence must meet in order to participate in the study.

  • The sampling site is a single-family residence.
  • The residence was built between January 1, 1983 and December 31, 1988
  • The residence has copper pipes.
  • There is NO home treatment system (water softener, reverse osmosis unit) OR point-of-use device (charcoal filter).
    • If you have a reverse osmosis unit installed on the kitchen tap but do NOT have a water softener, the bathroom sink tap would meet the sampling criteria.
  • Residence has a period of time (e.g. overnight) when the water is not in use for at least 6 hours.
  • Residence receives water service from the City of Henderson.

If you wish to participate as a sampling site, please contact the City of Henderson by September 16. Call 702-267-2575 from 7am-3pm, Monday – Friday or send us an email

For additional information about lead and copper in drinking water, visit our Lead and Copper webpage.