High Water Bill

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What Can Cause a High Water Bill?


Monthly water and wastewater charges are calculated on a daily basis and may vary slightly from month to month. Water meters are read Monday through Thursday, and if a scheduled meter read date falls on a weekend or a holiday, it is read on the next available work day. This causes billing cycles to vary slightly in the number of days and service, but you still receive 12 utility bills during the year. The service charges on your bill will reflect the daily rate based on the number of days in your billing cycle for that particular month.


About 60% of most homes' water consumption is used outdoors, especially during the summer months. Verify your watering times, frequency, and schedule with your landscaper. Verify your assigned watering days here.


If you are filling up your pool several times a week, you may have a leak.


If you receive a high bill and you have not changed any of your watering habits, you may have a leak. Here are some tips on how to find a leak .

If you do find a leak and your water bill was exceptionally high, you may qualify for our Leak Adjustment Program after the leak has been fixed.

Leak Adjustment Program Qualifications

The City offers a premise based adjustment in the case of a significant leak. Adjustments consist of splitting the costs of the excess consumption 50/50 between the customer and the City of Henderson. Eligibility is limited to two adjustments in five years for leak occurrences that are greater than twice the normal consumption. The maximum adjustment period is three billing cycles. The City will match to the highest tier the leak reached.

Program Requirements: 

  • Water consumption during leak was more than double that of the same period of the previous year (for up to three billing cycles); AND
  • The leak which caused the high consumption has been repaired; AND
  • Proof of repair is provided (examples include: photos, receipts for labor, parts, equipment, etc.); AND
  • Water consumption has returned to normal for at least one billing cycle; AND
  • Water service has been active in the applicant's name at the location for at least 13 months.

If you meet ALL of the qualifications above, you may submit a request for a leak adjustment. Visit Contact Henderson and search for keyword leak. Once all required information has been received and verified, an adjustment amount will be credited to your account and will appear on your next bill.