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Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral compound that can be found in virtually all water sources throughout the world, and has been found to have significant health benefits by more than 125 reputable world health organizations. Fluoridation of drinking water is credited with being the primary factor in the dramatic reduction in dental cavities over the last 20 years.

Health Benefits of Fluoridation

The fluoridation of drinking water has important benefits to public health. Fluoridation is simply a process of adding fluoride, a naturally occurring element, to drinking water for the purpose of preventing tooth decay, using guidelines developed by scientific and medical research.

According to medical experts, fluoridation is safe, economical and effective. Research shows that fluoridation plays a protective role against dental decay throughout life, benefiting both children and adults. If you have additional questions concerning health and safety issues related to fluoride in drinking water, visit the resources below for scientific and commercial information resources.

Fluoridation is Required by Law

The 1999 Nevada State Legislature mandated that water purveyors in Nevada serving populations over 100,000 add fluoride to their drinking water. The City of Henderson and the Southern Nevada Water System began fluoridating drinking water on March 1, 2000 under the jurisdiction of the Nevada State Health Division. Nevada voters elected in November 2000 to continue fluoridation of the State's water supply based on the important benefits it provides to public health.

Fluoride Levels

The regulations call for a fluoride level of 0.7 to 1.2 parts per million (milligrams/liter) in our water supply. Fluoride is a naturally occurring element in the Colorado River, and in virtually every other water source in the world.

The Safe Drinking Water Act requires fluoride levels to remain under 4.0 mg/L. The City adds a small amount of additional fluoride to the treated water supply to bring the level of fluoride to 0.8 parts per million (0.8 mg/L). Costs for this level of treatment are pennies per customer per year.

Additional Fluoride Resources