Parks and Recreation Policies and Procedures

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PR Policies Table of Contents

POL PRDW-01 Anti-Bullying

POL PRDW-02 Public Participation

POL PRDW-03 Establishment of Dept Policy and SOP Manuals

POL PRDW-04 First Notice of Injury or Occupational Disease

POL PRDW-05 City Issued Cellular Phones

POL PRDW-06 Environmental Sustainability

POL PRDW-07 Department Capital and Non-Capital Inventory

POL PRDW-08 Department Volunteer Program

POL PRDW-09 Background Checks for Volunteers, Contracted Employees, and Facilities Maintenance Contractors

POL PRDW-10 Recycling Plan

POL PRDW-11 Disposal of Public and Donated Lands

POL PRDW-12 Facility Inspection Checklist for Parks and Recreation

POL PRDW-13 Patron Accidents and Incidents 

POL PRDW-14 Protocol for High-Profile Visitors

POL PRDW-15 Project Plan Review

POL PRDW-16 Patron Suspensions

POL PRDW-17 Sign Standards

POL PRDW-18 Political Campaigning and Electioneering Protocol

POL PRDW-19 Charitable Assistance Requests

POL PRDW-21 Administration of Collective Bargaining

POL PRDW-22 Recruitment and Selection Process

POL PRDW-23 Acceptance of Unsolicited Gifts and Bequests

POL PRDW-24 Employee Code of Conduct

POL PRDW-25 Community Service Work Program

POL PRDW-26 Part-Time Staff Performance and Disciplinary Process

POL PRDW-27 Professional Memberships, Training, Conferences and Licenses

POL PRDW-28 Travel Policy and Procedures

POL PRDW-29 Dress Guidelines - Full-Time Employees

POL PRDW-30 Dress Guidelines - Part-Time Employees

POL PRDW-31 Employee Use of Tobacco

POL PRDW-32 General Security of Facilities and Park Areas

POL PRDW-33 Security of Equipment and Tools

POL PRDW-34 Employee Badge Control

POL PRDW-35 Patron Code of Conduct

POL PRDW-36 Risk Management

POL PRDW-37 Herbicide Application

POL PRDW-38 Emergency Management Trainings

POL PRDW-39 Disposal of City Surplus Property

POL PRDW-40 Refund Policy

POL PRDW-41 Delinquent Customer Accounts

POL PRDW-42 Suspected Fraudulent Activities

POL PRDW-43 Facility Fee Waiver for Non-Profit Organizations

POL PRDW-44 Resident and Non-Resident Pricing Structure

POL PRDW-45 Nevada Department of Transportation Right-Of-Way Occupancy Permits

POL PRDW-46 Cost Recovery Program

POL PRDW-47 Handling of Funds

POL PRDW-48 Lost and Found Items

POL PRDW-49 Department Sponsorships

POL PRDW-50 Financial Assistance

POL PRDW-51 Storage and Inventory Control of Consumables and Rotating Stock

POL PRDW-52 Photography, Filming, Videography at Parks and Recreation Facilities

POL PRDW-53 Brands, Logos, and Related Identities

POL PRDW-54 Social Media

POL PRDW-55 Media Contact and Response

POL PRDW-56 Depositions and Testimony

POL PRDW-58 Equipment Rentals and Event Support

POL PRDW-59 Health and Wellness

POL PRDW-60 Alcohol Sales and Consumption

POL PRDW-61 Diversity & Inclusion

POL PRDW-62 Allocations for Trails, Outdoor Spaces, Aquatics and Recreational Facilities

POL PRDW-66 Part-Time Post-Employment Drug Screening

POL PRPM-01 Playground Safety Inspections

POL PRPM-02 Street Banners

POL PRPM-03 Celebrate Life Commemorative Program

POL PRPM-04 Africanized Honey Bees

POL PRPM-05 Tree City USA

POL PRPM-06 Workweek Scheduling - Parks Division

POL PRPM-07 Minimum Staffing Levels - Parks Division

POL PRPM-08 Purchase and Distribution of Equipment - Parks Division

POL PRPM-09 Call Before You Dig - Utility Lines

POL PRPM-10 Tree Removal

POL PRPM-11 Tree Transplants and Tree and Shrub Donations

POL PRPP-01 Acquisition of Park and Recreation Land

POL PRPP-02 Examination of Developer Related Project Construction Documents

POL PRPP-03 Standardized Design Guidelines Revisions

POL PRPP-04 Development of Parks, Trails, and Open Space

POL PRREC-01 Content Standards for Video Games, Movies, Music and Books

POL PRREC-02 Parks and Recreation Facility Rentals

POL PRREC-03 Patron Inclusion

POL PRREC-04 Fast-Acting Medication

POL PRREC-05 Transportation of Participants and Volunteers

POL PRREC-06 Coverage of Recreation Facilities

POL PRREC-07 Recreation Facility and Program Temporary Closures

POL PRREC-08 Display of Materials in Parks and Recreation Buildings

POL PRREC-09 Neglect and Abuse Reporting

POL PRREC-10 Employees Participation in Activities While on Duty

POL PRREC-11 Part-Time Seasonal Employee- New Hire, Promotions, Transfers, and Separations

POL PRREC-12 Contracted Instructor Services

POL PRREC-13 Use and Distribution of Free Program Passes

POL PRREC-14 Inclement Weather at Aquatic Facilities

POL PRREC-15 Commercial Use of Parks and Recreation Facilities

POL PRREC-17 Outdoor Athletic Field Advertising

POL PRREC-18 Park, Trail and Picnic Area Rentals

POL PRREC-19 Complimentary Ticket Policy

POL PRREC-20 Concussion Policy

POL PRREC-21 Temporary Participant and Guest Face Cover Requirement-COVID-19

POL PRREC-22 Medication Release


PR SOP Table of Contents

SOP PRDW-01 Grant Process and Tracking

SOP PRDW-02 Volunteer Background Screening

SOP PRDW-03 Internal Communication

SOP PRDW-04 Employee Shelter

SOP PRDW-07 Lost and Found Items

SOP PRDW-08 How to Enter Basic Agreements into CMTS

SOP PRDW-09 Analyst Reports-Payroll Summary

SOP PRDW-10 Department Capital and Non-Capital Inventory

SOP PRDW-11 Technology Assignments by Position

SOP PRDW-12 Removal and Replacement of Assets and Locations in Maximo and GIS

SOP PRDW-13 Identification Procedure for Contractors

SOP PRDW-14 Purchase Card (P-Card) Review and Approval

SOP PRDW-15 Financial Processing

SOP PRDW-16 Contract Security

SOP PRDW-18 How to Verify Vendor Organization Info with Secretary of State

SOP PRDW-19 Sending Customers to Collections

SOP PRDW-20 Analyst Reports-Monthly Report

SOP PRDW-21 Recreation Agreement Process

SOP PRDW-22 On Call After Hours and Weekends-Parks, Sports, and Facilities

SOP PRDW-25 Sales Tax Use and Reporting

SOP PRDW-26 Customer Comment Card and Evaluation Process

SOP PRDW-27 Refund Procedures

SOP PRDW-29 Alcohol Sales and Consumption

SOP PRDW-41 Delinquent Customer Accounts

SOP PRDW-63 Vehicle Inspection Procedures

SOP PRDW-64 COVID-19 Testing - Safety and Security

SOP PRDW-65 Donation Acceptance

SOP PRPM-01 Out of Class Coverage for Acting Parks and Facilities Maintenance Coordinator

SOP PRPM-02 Welding and Fencing Projects

SOP PRPM-03 Shade Cover Cable Inspection Process

SOP PRPM-04 Closing Detention Basins During Flood Event

SOP PRPM-05 Closing Bike Trail Undercrossings During Flood Event

SOP PRPM-06 Landscape Maintenance Equipment Retirement and Replacement

SOP PRPM-07 Recycling Plastic Bottles and Aluminum Cans

SOP PRPM-08 Call Before You Dig

SOP PRPM-09 Street Banner Installation, Replacement, Contracting Out and Reporting Process

SOP PRPM-10 Landscape Maintenance Equipment - Repair and Maintenance

SOP PRPM-11 Disposal of Waste Oil, Hydraulic Fluid and Antifreeze

SOP PRPM-12 Working in Medians

SOP PRPM-13 Checking Out Equipment

SOP PRPM-14 Baseball and Softball Infield Preparation

SOP PRPM-16 Park Rules Enforcement

SOP PRPM-17 Scheduled Overtime Procedures

SOP PRPM-18 Construction Plan Review Process

SOP PRPM-21 Guidelines for Accepting New Trees

SOP PRPM-22 Maintenance Shop Closing Procedure

SOP PRPM-23 Herbicide and Pesticide Documentation Procedure

SOP PRPM-24 Handling of Drugs and Weapons

SOP PRPM-25 Municipal Forestry - Contracting Out Tree Pruning and Removals

SOP PRPM-26 Commemorative Beautification Commission (CBC) Cleanup Trailer

SOP PRPM-27 Adopt a Park

SOP PRPM-28 Operating Equipment - Park Maintenance

SOP PRPM-29 Playground Inspection Procedures

SOP PRPM-31 Boot Voucher

SOP PRPP-01 SNPLMA Change of Scope

SOP PRPP-02 SNPLMA Time Extension

SOP PRPP-03 SNPLMA Special Account Reserve (SAR) Funding Request Procedure

SOP PRPP-04 SNPLMA Project Closeout Request Procedure

SOP PRREC-01 Contract Instructor Process

SOP PRREC-02 Access Ticket Requests

SOP PRREC-05 Part Time Staff Assistance Outside of Section

SOP PRREC-06 Allocation Procedures for Aquatics Facilities

SOP PRREC-07 Allocation Procedures for Sports Fields

SOP PRREC-08 State Licensed Preschool Registration

SOP PRREC-09 Childcare Providers Health Practices

SOP PRREC-10 Health District Regulations Governing the Grounds and Outdoor Play Area Safety of Child Care Facilities

SOP PRREC-11 Facility Rental Procedures

SOP PRREC-13 Valley View Recreation Center Preschool Licensing Renewal

SOP PRREC-14 Park Reservation

SOP PRREC-15 Daily Door Count Procedure

SOP PRREC-16 Outdoor Recreation Picnic Operations

SOP PRREC-17 Safekey and Teen Scene Annual Registration

SOP PRREC-20 Summer Food Service Program Procedures for Meal Vendor

SOP PRTS-02 Processing Expired Gift Certificates

SOP PRTS-03 Inactive Employee RecTrac User Purge

SOP PRTS-04 Brochure Process

SOP PRTS-05 Financial Assistance

SOP PRTS-07 Checks Received from Collections

SOP PRTS-08 Returned Check Procedures

SOP PRTS-09 Safekey and Teen Scene RecTrac Registration

SOP PRTS-10 Annual Waivers