Memorial Program

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The City of Henderson’s Adopt a Tree memorial program pays a long-lasting tribute to an individual, organization or occasion in Henderson’s parks. We currently offer two types of memorials for dedication; tree adoptions and existing tree plaque amendments.  

The cost to adopt a tree is $150.
Existing tree plaque amendments are $250.

A memorial adoption takes up to six weeks from the date the application is processed to the date a tree adoption designation notification is received and the framed certificated is received by the designated recipient or whichever occurs last. Each tree adoption memorial certificate is designed by our Office of Communications and signed by our Parks and Recreation Superintendent. Our tree certificate program allows memorial patrons to determine what type of dedication they would like to have printed on the City-issued documentation. All tree memorial recipients are listed on our website for a period of 12 months once the tree has been assigned or planted. Most certificates do not exceed character counts of 350 characters including spaces. 

The bench and table plaque memorial offerings have been discontinued as of June of 2021 due to limited space availability and program management demands. Plaques are no longer available for trees. The tree plaque option was discontinued in 2011.

Existing tree plaque amendments are available for $250. Plaque amendments are only available to existing memorial patrons or family members, relatives or business owners of existing memorialized parties or organizations listed as memorial patrons of records.

To verify memorial patron status please contact Rayna Booker at 702-267-4027 Monday through Thursday between the hours of 8:00am to 5:00pm for verification status.  

The standard timeline for a tree plaque amendment to be installed is six weeks from the day the artwork is approved to the day the plaque is replaced at the existing location. All tree adoption and plaque amendment requests can only be processed by submitting a completed application request. Use the provided link to initiate the application. Once you provide your name and your email the fill-in form application request will be sent to your email inbox.

Adopt a Tree Application

If you are an existing memorial patron and would like to make changes to tree plaque, please submit a request

Park Map

Park Map - View locations of memorials using our parks and trails interactive map.

Trees Have Been Planted in Memory of:


Angelina Spharler
Ann Slabbert
Anthony Celler and Mario J Ponce
Betty Ford
Christian James Hinojosa
Christina Janet Piper
Codi Marie Petrie
Corona aka Moony
David Weakland
Deena Renee Allen
Dolores Ann Linke
Don M. Jong
Dr. Lori Ernsperger
Gerald ‘Jerry’ Nemanic
Ignatius Julius Guerra
Jack Valencia
James B. Frantz Jr. MD
Jerry Seinfeld
Joseph M. Harris
Julia Vitela
L. Douglas James
Lawrence ‘Larry’ McFarland
Leo Francis Hergenrader
Lonnie Long
Mitchell Braxton
Monika Ann Sutphin
Patricia Guevara
Remmy and Timmy Baumert
Savior Cassell Kristopher Ayres
Steven Bennett Golson
Gavin Kilcullen



Runner Donn Manzano
Adam Semel
Liberty Ann Burgett
Thomas Robbins
Tricia Mae Gooding
Dylan Meikle
Stella Sequoiah Alexandra Dobbs
M Fan
Sabelle Jade Wang
Kevin Alexander
Darrel "The Duke" Hays
Jean "Mom" Hays
Haralampi Yotov
Kristina "Tina" Mahaffey
John Wesley Isom
George and Donna Frank
Harry and Joan Moore