Water Conservation

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Doing Our Part

Many of our parks are on a conservation watering schedule designed to help maximize water efficiency. This schedule is created by a centrally-controlled irrigation system that:

  • Monitors daily weather station data
  • Utilizes computerized controllers
  • Applies the optimum amount of water needed to keep plants healthy

Additional Water Conservation Measures

The City of Henderson Parks and Recreation Department also has additional water conservation measures and programs in place. They include:

  • Non-recreational turf reduction program
  • Irrigation system preventative maintenance plan
  • New development landscaping requirements
  • Water usage reporting and evaluation


If you would like to learn more about our water conservation efforts or if you have any water-related concerns about our parks, call 702-267-4000. A copy of our Drought Response Plan is also available upon request.

2019 Turf Conversion Project

The Parks and Recreation Department is working on converting turf in 10 Henderson parks. Henderson was awarded $1 million through the Southern Nevada Water Authority’s (SNWA) Smart Landscapes $1-per-square-foot rebate program to fund this project.

More than one million square feet of turf will be converted from fescue, a cool-weather grass, to hybrid Bermuda, a warm-weather grass. Hybrid Bermuda falls dormant in the winter and requires only once-per-month watering (compared to fescue, which needs to be watered every week), and the turf’s deeper root system reduces its summer irrigation needs.

Crews will remove and replace fescue in four parks with hybrid Bermuda sod and the remaining six parks will be overseeded with the more-efficient grass. Residents might notice the turf looks brown and dry while the new seed is added and starts to grow. Some additional watering will also take place to help establish the new seed and sod.

Park Square Feet Acreage Annual Water Savings Seed/Sod
Acacia 180,134 4.14 3,782,814 Gallons Seed
Anthem Hills 113,179 2.60 2,376,759 Gallons Sod
Burkholder 102,058 2.34 2,143,218 Gallons Sod
Mission Hills 57,632 1.32 1,210,272 Gallons Sod
Morrell 133,725 3.07 2,808,225 Gallons Seed
Pecos Legacy 59,762 1.37 1,255,002 Gallons Sod
Rodeo 53,961 1.24 1,133,181 Gallons Seed
Russell Road Recreation Complex 150,613 3.46 3,162,873 Gallons Seed
Sonata 153,793 3.53 3,229,653 Gallons Seed
Stephanie Lynn Craig 61,907 1.42 1,300,047 Gallons Seed
TOTAL 1,066,764 24.49 22,402,004 Gallons