Fentanyl Can End It All

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Fentanyl is creating a crisis all over the country – including right here in our community.

  • Fentanyl is 50 to 100-times more potent than morphine and has led to a 46% increase in deaths among Clark County residents and more than 225 deaths in 2021. 
  • We are seeing more and more deaths among young people each year. And unlike most opiates, Fentanyl can be lethal with the first use. It only takes a two-milligram dose, similar to 5-7 grains of salt, to cause death for an average size adult.  
  • Today Fentanyl is being added to almost every drug conceivable. Street drugs like heroin and cocaine are being laced and it doesn’t change the texture, smell or taste.

  • Even everyday medicines like Tylenol, Ritalin and other common drugs are being found laced with Fentanyl. So, someone thinking they are taking something harmless doesn’t even know it is laced and lethal until it’s too late.

  • Most often, kids are being sold these drugs through social media. People approach them online or through apps and lure them into thinking they are getting coke, or ecstasy or some over-the-counter drug, but in reality, it has enough fentanyl in it to kill them. The person who is selling it may not even know it is laced with fentanyl.

  • It is not just the “troubled kids” who are dying from this. Star soccer players and valedictorians are dying every day, too. Someone who thought they were simply taking ecstasy at a concert may end up taking fentanyl and overdosing or dying.  

We know young people today are going to experiment, just as their parents did before them. The problem is, the danger of this drug makes just one choice potentially lethal.  

Below you will find some videos and additional information about Fentanyl. We hope you will educate yourself, and then share what you have learned with every child you know, as well as with other adults, especially those who interact with our youth. It is going to take our entire community to reduce the number of deaths caused by this illicit substance.

Together, we can save lives!