Request for Records or Audio CDs

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Submitting Forms

To request records or an audio CD of a court hearing, print and complete one copy of the request form.  

Records requests are completed within 5 business days.

Records Requests

Requests for documents may be submitted at the clerk’s window or faxed to (702) 267-3301. The form may NOT be submitted online.

A standard records request includes:

  • Court docket (case history) – may be 1-20 pages long
  • Complaint
  • Admonishment of rights (if applicable)
  • Original sentencing order

Audio CD Requests

Requests for audio CDs must be accompanied by the appropriate fee.

  • Multiple hearings may be recorded onto a single CD
  • Audio CDs can only be played on a computer using FTR Player software; computers must have a CD drive, sound card, and Internet access. Audio CDs cannot be returned for a refund.
  • To avoid tampering, courtroom audio is saved in a proprietary format (.TRM file extension) and will not play in standard CD players or with standard media players.
  • After creating an account on the FTR website, you can either upload the files from the CD to the website using the free online Web Player, or you can download the free FTR Player software onto your computer.

Payment of Fees

Fees for audio CDs are due at the time of the request.

Fees for records vary depending on the length of the documents, and can only be determined after the request is processed. All fees must be paid before records are released. You may either mail your payment once the amount has been determined or bring your payment to the Court when picking up the documents. 

There are no fees for requests completed for criminal justice agencies.

Fee Schedule