Grass Removal Mandate (AB356)

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What Does the Grass Removal Mandate Mean?

  • With ongoing drought conditions affecting water levels at Lake Mead, a newly implemented law, AB 356, is aimed at increasing efficient water use throughout Southern Nevada.

  • The law applies to commercial properties, HOAs and multi-family developments and will save about 10 percent of the community’s water supply.

  • Businesses owners and managers of industrial, commercial and office park properties, HOAs, churches, etc. should start making plans now to eliminate the largest water consumer from their property portfolios: water-thirsty grass.

  • The turf removal law prohibits the use of water delivered by SNWA’s member agencies to irrigate decorative grass in streetscapes, medians, parking lots, and other areas where it is used for aesthetics and not recreational purposes by the end of 2026. 

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Useless grass

Water Smart Landscape Rebate & Business Supplement

The Southern Nevada Water Authority (SNWA) offers a cash incentive of up to $3 a square foot to replace grass landscapes with drip-irrigated trees and plants through the Water Smart Landscapes (WSL) rebate (some restrictions apply). 

The City of Henderson is supplementing the SNWA Water Smart Landscapes (WSL) program rebate by $1.50 per square foot above 10,000 sq. ft., up to a maximum of 40,000 sq. ft., of turf converted for Henderson businesses and HOAs.

To qualify:

  • Supplement will only be approved for non-single-family residential areas that have turf in public facing right-of-way areas (including City of Henderson streets). 
  • Conversion must be completed in a single phase.
  • Customers with multiple properties are limited two conversions per calendar year.

Learn more and apply now. 

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