Player Ratings

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The purpose of player ratings is to rate the skills of each player in order to put together competitive and balanced teams. Though it is not required for participants to go to player ratings, it is highly recommended so that teams can be as balanced as possible. Though this is not a perfect system, it is a fair system and the best method available.

How player ratings work: In each sport, players will go through a series of five or six drills and are rated on a scale of 1-5. Total scores are tallied and all players are sorted according to grade and gender (in co-rec divisions). Players are then placed onto the number of allotted teams according to their player rating score.

Why it's not perfect: Not all registered players attend player ratings. The league has no idea what kind of skill a player has if they don't attend. These players are then given an "average" rating of those in the same grade that did attend player ratings. This means that an unrated player could be an excellent player but is assigned an average rating and makes the team better than others. Or, the opposite could happen, and a below-average player could get an average rating and the team might not be as skilled.

Player ratings are held each season over two days. Players should attend only one date.