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We offer a variety of competitive water sports including swim, dive and water polo teams. For detailed information regarding times and availability, visit our online registration site or browse through Henderson Happenings.

Programs offered by the City of Henderson

Fun Instructed Novice (FIN) Swim

FIN Swim is a swim team for beginners that students can join once they complete our Henderson Swim Academy. This program will introduce swimmers to the competitive swimming environment. Swimmers must be able to swim the prerequisite of a 25-yard swim to participate in the program. One swim meet is held per session.

Recreational Diving – Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced

Springboard diving students learn the basic techniques, proper approach, hurdle, rotation and entry of five required dives. Intermediate and advanced divers must know proper approach, hurdle, front dive and entry. Participants must be able to swim 25 yards and easily tread water. Safety techniques are a priority. Held at multiple pools.

See Henderson Happenings for details.

Synchronized Swimming

If you enjoy ballet, swimming or gymnastics, this is the sport for you. Our expert instructors teach beginners how to build strength, endurance, skill and grace while learning the art of synchronized swimming. You must be able to swim 25 yards and easily tread water.

See Henderson Happenings for locations and details.

Non-residents add 15%.

Additional Programs

For additional programs hosted by other organizations and instructors at our pools, browse through Henderson Happenings.