The Office of Performance and Innovation (OPI) is an internal service organization within the City Manager's Office. Our role is to provide support to all City departments for the City's strategic plan, performance excellence program, and continuous improvement and innovation. We also provide support and customer service for citywide systems (Contact Henderson, DocuSign, and Socrata).

Our Mission

Provide services and resources that enhance the quality of life for those who live, learn, work and play in our city.

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Strategic Plan

The City of Henderson has a long tradition of planning strategically for the future, because we know that success does not happen by accident. The strategies outlined in our 2019-2023 Strategic Plan were refined in a truly collaborative and inclusive process, resulting in the identification of several Major Opportunity Areas that, if addressed, can make our City even greater than it is today. These opportunities fall within the five priority areas that were accepted by the City Council: Community Safety, Livable Communities, Economic Vitality, Quality Education, and High-Performing Public Service. This plan will serve as our roadmap and ensure that we successfully achieve our mission. As we execute the plan, we focus on monitoring data-driven results, providing transparent and accountable progress reports to stakeholders, and remaining agile as new challenges arise and updates to the plan become necessary. In fact, the 2020 Strategic Plan Progress report contains an updated Strategic Roadmap that considers the City of Henderson's vital role as the community recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic.

2019-2023 Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan Progress Report 2020

Performance Excellence

The Path to Premier is the City's leadership framework that focuses on performance excellence and results. This framework is the basis for performance improvement and has seven categories; Leadership, Strategy, Customers, Measurements, Workforce, Operations, and Results.

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Open Data

Open data takes the approach of proactively publishing data on the Internet for citizens to access and analyze. The City of Henderson launched its first open data platform in 2015. Since then, the City has continuously sought to improve its open data offerings. To this end, Resolution No. 4355 approved and adopted an open data policy on August 6, 2019. By defining the departmental participation expectations and governance principles of the City's Open Data Program and its platform, the City not only establishes formal governance processes to make public data-sharing institutional and sustainable but it also establishes implementation timelines, provides oversight over the long-term availability of information across internal and external performance metrics for all city departments, demonstrates public commitment to lasting change, and provides the best opportunity to maximize the return on public investment by gathering and analyzing information. For more information click here.

COH Open Data

 Continuous Improvement 

Continuous Improvement is about making processes more efficient and effective, e.g. eliminating waste, improving response times, and/or increasing customer satisfaction. At the City of Henderson we constantly strive to be better through learning from new methods and/or utilizing past experiences to improve. Our culture of continuous improvement not only includes formal improvement; approaches, but also looks at simple problems and how to fix them.

A City of Innovation Case Studies